Discount Miniature Purchasing Service

With our discount miniature purchasing you can get all kinds of miniatures at reduced prices!

The less you pay for the miniatures, the more you can get!

Whatever you need to reinforce your wargame army - or start a new one - we're on hand to help you save! Years of experience and the benefits of buying as a company mean we can pass great savings on to you!

The miniatures you want at prices you'll love!

And we don't just purchase your miniatures!

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Welcome to PaintingPossum!

With a discount of up to 40% on retail prices, our purchasing service is the perfect way to pick up new miniatures!

Whether you're looking for some reinforcements or starting an entirely need army or even wargame, there comes a time when you need to fork out for some new miniatures. We can help with this, too! (Don't we have many talents!)
We'll source miniatures for you as cheaply as we can and pass the savings your way!

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PaintingPossum - Wargame Miniature Purchasing Service

How the service works:
Tell us what you want. Sit back and wait while we scour the internet to find the best deal. Pay a good deal less than RRP.

So, question #1 how much money do you save me?
As much as we can. Usually, between 10% to 40% off RRP (reccommended retail pricing). Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Postage is usually free, too.

On to how it all works

  • Step one: Tell us what miniatures you're looking for, contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Step two: We'll source the miniatures as cheaply as we can and update you on the price.
  • Step three: If the price is acceptable, we will send an invoice for the cost, purchasing the miniatures once the payment is received.
  • Step four: The miniatures are delivered directly to us, meaning you save even more money, paying no postage. Upon arrival they will be checked, assembled and sent to the relevant WARPAINT department for either conversion or painting.
  • Step five: From this point, the process continues as per either the miniature painting service, or miniature conversion service.

Payment for miniatures purchased this way is collected 100% up front. In some cases, delay in receipt of payment could lead to losing certain items in the case of auctions. We will inform you when the price being offered is for an auctioning item.

There is no surcharge on this service. If we source a unit of skinks for £10.00 (rrp £18) you pay £10.00.
This service need not be limited to whole units or even whole miniatures. We can source parts for conversions or replacements of missing and damaged parts, as well as finding less-than-full boxsets of miniatures.

Please note: the Miniature Purchasing Service may only be used in conjunction with one of our other services.

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