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The perfect finishing touch for any miniature is an attractive and well executed base, and we can do that for you!

Well executed basing really finishes your miniatures perfectly and ties units and armies of miniatures together. Whether its basing a single miniature on a mound of his vanquished foes or basing an entire horde of figures scaling the ruins of a battle scarred city, our basing service is the way to go!

Miniature basing done beautifully the way you want at prices you'll love!

And we don't just do miniature basing!

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Clean and attractive wargame miniature basing, the perfect finishing touch!

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Bases. Whether they're square or round, huge like an Arachnarok or a tiny 20mmx20mm, its something every miniature has. You wouldnt expect something so small to have such an impact, and yet it does; even a beautifully painted miniature looks less than itself when mounted on a bit of bare black plastic. At the same time, clean and attractive basing can turn even a lackluster-painted miniature into something worthy of showing off!

So, what's the fuss about?

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How the service works:
Tell us what you want. Sit back and wait while we make it happen. Recieve your newly based miniatures.

So firstly, you're probably wanting to see some examples of our basing
Head over to the gallery to see the quality of our miniature basing service (Opens in a new tab.)

Or take a look at these examples:

Basing Examples

miniature basing service - canis wolfborn figure

Debris of an old battlefield

The giant wolf seeks safe footing among the scattered debris of an ancient battle...
Our Showcase miniature, Canis Oldwolf, has already received the attention of our conversion service as well as the very best our painters can offer. It seemed only fitting, then, that he be mounted on a base which could do him justice.

A complex design executed to the highest quality on a huge 60mm base, this base cost just $10.00, including the parts used.
miniature basing service - simple plains style

Simple plains

Focused more on his quarry than the terrain, the plains slip past the hunters' feet...

An example of a very simple design - the grass dotted skree of a dusty plain.

An exceedingly simple design which nevertheless yields a striking result, this base cost just $0.20, including the parts used. A perfect, low cost way to tie together a whole army. Here's a tip: upgrade a few bases per unit to include some eye catching detail; ruins or fallen warriors work perfectly!
miniature basing service - simple deck style miniature basing miniature basing service - simple deck style miniature basing

Simple decking

From the simplest home to the grandest ships, floorboards and decking are found everywhere

About as simple as basing can be, and yet nevertheless a characterful and elegant style.

Another extremely simple design with excellent results, this base cost just $0.15, including the parts used. A perfect, low cost way to tie together a whole force whether they're sailors, pirates or simple villagefolk. Here's a tip: upgrade a few bases per unit to include some eye catching detail; ropes and lines, hatches and damaged planking work perfectly!
miniature basing service - rocky dirt style miniature basing miniature basing service - rocky dirt style miniature basing

Dirt, gravel and grass

Found abundantly anywhere you care to look

This all purpose basing style ensures your figures will look at home on any battlefield.

Fairly simple and suitable for any army, this base cost just $0.20, including the parts used.
miniature basing service - engraved ruins style miniature basing miniature basing service - engraved ruins style miniature basing

Engraved ruins

Though the rites and rituals once performed here are long forgotten, the memory lives on in these mystic ruins...

A fantastic basing design to add character to your miniatures and tie a unit together. The real beauty of ruins is the sheer variety in their design.

A fantastically characterful style, this base cost just $0.40, including the parts used. With ruins, your basing can be as simple or elaborate as you wish with limitless variety in style, design and complexity. Here's a tip: the designs of ruins allow fantastic customisation on a larger scale; why not spread a whole unit across the cracked and pitted summoning circle of some ancient civilisation!

So you've seen some examples of what we've done, and bear in mind that this barely scratches the surface of the limitless possibilities for basing miniatures!

You can pick a miniature basing style from those above or more importantly tell us exactly how you want your miniatures based! Want your figures wading through rivers of blood? Want them clambering over a sinking ship? We'll make it happen! And you've seen how little it costs for some of the fantastic basing above, but you're probably wondering how much will it cost for the basing I want?

Pricing for miniature basing

As stated, basing can be as simple or complex as you desire. Anything from a few clumps of grass to a tower of limb-strewn wreckage from whence your hero can survey the carnage. Also, bases can be 'grouped' for units to tie them together. For example, a unit of 30 Saurus lizardmen could be based as if climbing the side of a wrecked pyramid. This makes pricing rather difficult to estimate, but below are some guidelines: (prices for standard 25mm square or circle bases)

  • Simple basing, IE parched wasteland with sparse grass and rocks: $0.25 per base.
  • Moderate basing, IE battle scarred roadway with collapsing walls, strewn with debris: $0.50 per base.
  • Elaborate basing, IE shattered ruins of a temple with tiled floor strewn with dust and debris and plunder. Fallen masonry and discarded/dropped weapons in places: $1.00 per base.
  • Unique, scenic basing, IE knee deep in fallen enemies while their blood soaks the grass: $4.00 per base. (subject to type and number of fallen enemies. A pile of dead snotlings is less expensive than a mountain of mashed minotaurs.)

Another option is to choose from some of the fantastic pre-made bases on the market, for example Micro Art Studios offer a range of excellent looking moulded bases, perfect if you're going to want to base your own miniatures in future.

For an individual price, let us know what you! The best way to tell us that is with the contact form at the bottom of this page. If you're also interested in our painting or conversion service, you can mention your basing ideas when submitting our pricing form, and a designer will contact you to discuss the project in depth!

On to how it all works

  • Step one: Tell us about your miniature basing project! How many, what style etc. The easiest way is to use the miniature basing contact form at the foot of this page.
  • Step two: A designer will contact you via email to discuss your project. You can tell them exactly what you want or give a general 'theme' for the basing. You can also ask for bases to one of our existing miniature basing styles.
  • Step three: Your designer will put together some designs and send them to you. These will usually take the form of either sketches or photographs. The designer will supply an estimate of cost per base with these designs.
  • Step four: Step three is repeated until A) you arrive at a design you're satisfied with or B) the designer kills themself and you're assigned a replacement.
  • Step five: Your bases are made and photographs are sent for your approval.
  • Step six: If we are painting your miniatures, they are passed to the painters.

Payment for basing is collected 50% up front as a deposit for materials etc. The remainder is collected after the miniature basing project is completed and approved, prior to posting them back to you or passing on to the painting service.

Picked out the bases you want?
Got some ideas for your own style?


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